Even before the start of series production, we sent the first purely electric Porsche sports car on its way: a 1:10 scale model of the Taycan is visiting the world of tomorrow. Tel Aviv, Boston, and Oslo: that’s where the future is happening. Just like in Weissach and Zuffenhausen.


Porsche covers a lot of ground—both on the open road and on the Web.

From the heart

With the world premiere of the Porsche Taycan, the sports-car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen is entering a new era. That should also be reflected in Christophorus—one of the world’s oldest customer magazines, which was launched back in the year 1952. While reading the articles in this issue, you’ll have noticed that we’ve enhanced the layout, refreshed the visuals, and added exciting, new elements. Popular sections like “Icon” and “Lap Time” will continue to appear. The same is true for “Garage” and “9:11 Love,” which, due to this issue’s focus, will rejoin the magazine in number 393.

Each future issue will have a special emphasis. Our stories from around the world will continue to revolve around people and their passion for Porsche, now brought to you in printed form four instead of five times a year. Accordingly, annual subscribers to the print version will be charged less, and those who have already paid for five issues will of course receive them. Our digital material, which we’ll continue to expand, will remain free of charge. Both the Christophorus app and all content at christophorus.porsche.com will remain accessible to you as usual without restrictions. Praise or criticism? Don’t hesitate to let us know at christophorus@porsche.de—we look forward to hearing from you.

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