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Porsche Cars Great Britain – The Duke of Richmond: A racing circuit packed with 1960s Porsche 911 models, all vying for glory, all powered by sustainable fuel? Only at Goodwood … We talk to The Duke of Richmond about the Revival’s epic Porsche celebration, and the passion for sustainability at Goodwood.


This year’s Goodwood Revival was notable for the Fordwater Trophy, a one-make race featuring classic examples of the Porsche 911 and 901 in which all cars ran entirely on sustainable fuel. According to The Duke of Richmond – who owns the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, and is the driving force behind the annual Revival and Festival of Speed events – this is the start of a greener future for motorsport.

‘The Porsche 911 race was our first-ever race with synthetic fuel and, as the sport moves closer to achieving its target of greater sustainability, we will see many more races run on alternative fuels,’ The Duke of Richmond tells us. ‘I am keen that Goodwood is at the forefront of this important step towards ensuring the future of the sport.’ 

‘We know these fuels can be used more widely within a fairly short space of time,’ he continues. ‘Sebastian Vettel ran his F1 cars on synthetic fuel at the Festival of Speed this year. His “Race without Trace” campaign aligns perfectly with our own desire to race more responsibly, and the Porsche race was the first of many.’ 

The use of synthetic fuels is just one part of Goodwood’s sustainable approach, which also includes the use of renewable energy and organic farming right across the Goodwood Estate. But the Revival really brings the message to life, both on and off the track. 

‘Our Revive & Thrive Village is an increasingly popular element of the event, where we encourage people to recycle and make do and mend,’ The Duke adds. ‘More and more people are responding to the need to protect our environment in a rapidly changing world.’

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