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A life for Porsche: Herbert Linge was one of the first apprentices at Porsche and helped build the brand. He died on January 5, 2024, in his hometown of Weissach.


When asked to participate in an interview together with Member of the Executive Board responsible for Development Michael Steiner, Herbert Linge jumps at the opportunity. He is there whenever Porsche calls. It has always been that way. Porsche is his life. Before their appointment, the two gentlemen drive around the grounds of the Weissach Development Center – for Linge, the first time in an all-electric sports car. He has concerned himself with cars and new technologies since his early days at Porsche in 1943. He joined as one of the first trainees, helped to build up the sports car brand, and remained loyal to the company beyond his retirement. From 1950, not a single car left the factory without being test-driven by him first. Linge is now sitting in the passenger seat. What was planned as a 30-minute tour ends up lasting more than an hour. It was Linge who recommended Weissach to Ferry Porsche back then as a proving ground and development site. Now he is witnessing what became of this. Back home again, he is proud that a Member of the Executive Board dedicated so much time to him. Linge saw the world, looked after customers globally, won races, stood in for Steve McQueen in the Hollywood movie Le Mans, and made motorsport safer with his expertise. And throughout everything, he remained simply “Herbert” from Weissach.

Herbert Linge passed away in his hometown on January 5, 2024, at the age of 95.

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