Editorial: Porsche Is a Way of Life

In the middle of the anniversary year, the next highlight is on the agenda: the Porsche 911 turns 60. Without this sports car, the brand would not be what it is today.


“Porsche will never stop breaking new ground – while always remaining true to its values.”

On September 12, 1963, one of the greatest success stories of the Porsche sports car brand began at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main, when the company unveiled the successor to the Porsche 356. Originally christened the 901, the completely reconstructed sports car would go on to write history as the 911. That was 60 years ago. Now in its eighth generation, the 911 is available in a variety of model variants – and yet has always retained its identity along the way.

Reflected in each and every new model is the design style that has been responsible for its signature traits since Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s groundbreaking design sketch. The roofline, the proportions, and the front headlights are all unmistakably components of the 911. Fans the world over consider this timeless icon to be a sports car of the century. Surely no other vehicle has made history as often as the 911 – history that never ceases to fascinate and impress and that serves as inspiration for the new issue of Christophorus. The sports car brand is what it is today thanks to the 911 – a way of life, a family, and a legend.

The legend began on June 8, 1948, another historical date, when the 356 “No. 1” Roadster – the first sports car to go by the name Porsche – received its general operating permit in Gmünd, Austria. Exactly 75 years later, 800 guests had the opportunity to experience a spectacular anniversary show live at Porscheplatz in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the heart of the brand. 

Dr. Sebastian Rudolph

Dr. Sebastian Rudolph


Lights illuminated the night sky as music filled the square, with numerous vintage models presented in the limelight. The star of the show was the original Porsche, the silver 356, the first of its kind. A moment that inspires goose bumps.

But the brand’s DNA also always looks ahead – to a sporty future. Under the umbrella of the Porsche Museum, the latest descendant of the 356, the Mission X, celebrated its world premiere before the live show. The concept car is a hypercar, unique and typical of Porsche, with echoes of glorious motorsport history and futuristic ideas for the iconic sports car of tomorrow.

“Pioneering spirit and passion – that’s what sets Porsche apart,” says Chairman of the Executive Board Oliver Blume. “We bring tradition and innovation together. We always boldly look to the future. But we never forget who we are and where we come from.” Porsche will never stop breaking new ground – while always remaining true to its values, thanks in large part to the people who have contributed to the success of the sports car brand over the past 75 years.

Dear Readers, we couldn’t be happier that you are part of our global Porsche family. And if you, too, would like to share inspiring moments of your own, please feel free to write to us at christophorus@porsche.de.

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