911 Love: Elisa Sednaoui

Model, actor, social entrepreneur, and Porsche fan. Elisa Sednaoui admires women freedom fighters.


Born in Italy with Egyptian and French roots, Elisa Sednaoui poses for the camera for the first time at just 14 years of age, promptly making a name for herself in the world of fashion. She models for brands such as Armani, Chanel, and Roberto Cavalli and graces the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue. She is also an actor and director. These days, the 33-year-old is a social entrepreneur, dedicated to Funtasia Enterprise, a global education enterprise she founded to support creative socio-emotional learning programs for children and teens. Through its non-profit arm, Funtasia Impact, the programs are made available to underserved communities in Egypt, Italy and Mexico. She lives with her husband and two sons in Los Angeles.

What is love?
An unexplainable connection and the only thing in life that makes sense.

How are you?
Doing good; adapting to a new season and trying to make my daily routine as healthy as possible.

The Porsche 911 in three words?
Elegance. Power. Lightness.

Which simple things can make you happy?
The sun in a clear blue sky when I start my day, the sound of sea waves, my children laughing.

What would you never do in a 911?
Drink coffee.

What’s your favorite road?
The Litoranea Road between Santa Maria di Leuca and Otranto in Puglia, Italy.

What can distract you?
Thought patterns that don’t serve me.

Three things you would take to a desert island?
A device that allows me to access every book in the world and a notepad feature to write things down. Indestructible speakers for music. Survival equipment.

Is there a historical figure you admire?
Everyone – especially women – who gave their lives for the freedom I enjoy today.

What on a 911 could you do without?
The only thing that comes to mind is the price.

And what couldn’t you?
The shape and comfort of the seats.

What music did you wake up to this morning?
Forest Nativity by Francis Bebey.

Your favorite film?
Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone.

Your favorite book?
The Chosen by Chaim Potok changed me forever.

Where do you long to be?
Present, right here and now.

Your most treasured possession?
The meaningful presents I’ve received from those I love.

Your secret?
“Secret” is my private sacred time and space.

The 911 moment of your life?
When my husband drove us off in it for the first time.

Your best advice?
Only you can make the improvements needed in your life happen. Try to look at things from a different perspective. Life happens for you, not to you.

What would no one expect of you?
That I’m more introverted than extroverted.

Elisa Sednaoui

Born: 1987
Residence: Los Angeles
Profession: Social entrepreneur, model, and actor
Porsche: 911 Carrera 2 (964), built in 1993

Papo Waisman
Papo Waisman
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Consumption data

911 Carrera S Cabriolet

  • 11.0 – 10.3 l/100 km
  • 250 – 233 g/km
  • G Class

911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*
Fuel consumption* combined (WLTP) 11.0 – 10.3 l/100 km
CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 250 – 233 g/km
CO₂ class G