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The history of the Porsche brand: historical moments in time-lapse.


Four years after the move to Gmünd in Austria due to the war, the first sports car with the Porsche name – the 356 “No. 1” Roadster – is developed

Porsche returns to Stuttgart in November

Series production of the 356 kicks off in March at a hall in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen leased by Karosseriewerk Reutter

On January 30, company founder Professor Ferdinand Porsche dies at the age of 75. In their debut appearance at Le Mans, Porsche achieves a class victory in the 356 SL

The first issue of the customer magazine Christophorus is published at the start of the year

In June, two Porsche 550 compete at Le Mans for the first time and take first and second place in the 1.5-liter class

The ten thousandth Porsche sports car is produced in Zuffenhausen on March 16. Porsche wins the Targa Florio endurance race for the first time

Frenchman Jean Behra defeats the established competition in a Porsche 718 RSK in the Formula 2 Coupe Internationale de Vitesse in Reims

Porsche enters Formula 1 with the four-cylinder Monoposto 718/2

Porsche unveils the prototype of the new 901 at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main

The first series model of the 901 rolls off the production line on September 14. The vehicle type is subsequently renamed the 911

Vic Elford and David Stone complete the prestigious Rallye Monte-Carlo and emerge as the overall winners in the 911 T

With the 908/02 developed under the direction of Ferdinand Piëch, the company secures the World Sportscar Championship

Porsche celebrates its historic first overall win at Le Mans with the 917. At the wheel: Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood

The company begins moving the Construction, Testing, and Design departments to the new development center in Weissach in the summer

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG is converted into a corporation, at which time the owner families, Porsche and Piëch, make the decision to no longer fill the management positions with family members

At the Paris Motor Show, Porsche surprises the world with the 911 Turbo, which is considered to be the fastest series production vehicle of its time

The 924 is the first front-engine model with transaxle design to celebrate its premiere

The 928 follows as a luxurious, high-performance sports car with light-alloy V8 engine

With the 944, Porsche introduces the third series with the transaxle design. The 911 SC Cabriolet is presented, the first completely open model in 19 years. At Le Mans, Porsche achieves a triple victory with the new 956

The Formula 1 TAG turbo engine developed by Porsche kicks off its winning streak in the McLaren MP4/2, and Niki Lauda is World Champion ahead of Alain Prost. Porsche triumphs at the Paris–Dakar Rally in the all-wheel 911

The 959 super sports car shows off the brand’s technical expertise. Porsche wins the World Sportscar Championship for the fourth time in a row – this time with the 962

To mark the 911’s 25th anniversary, an all-wheel series model of the 911 is offered for the first time

Wendelin Wiedeking is appointed spokesperson of the Executive Board on October 1

The Boxster concept car delights the audience at the Detroit Motor Show. It goes into series production three years later

Porsche introduces the C88 family car, a study developed specifically for the Chinese market, in Beijing

The one millionth Porsche rolls off the production line in Zuffenhausen on July 15

On March 27, Ferry Porsche passes away at the age of 88 in Zell am See

Construction of the new Porsche plant in Leipzig kicks off on February 7

The plant is officially opened. In the same year, the Cayenne goes into production, the brand’s first four-door model

The Carrera GT, also produced in Leipzig, delivers 450 kW (612 PS), making it the most powerful Porsche series sports car of its time

Porsche wins the LMP2 championship of the American Le Mans series with the RS Spyder

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is elected Chairman of the Porsche AG Supervisory Board on January 26

The spectacular new Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen opens its doors in January. The Panamera is introduced on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Finance Center on April 19

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who designed the 911, dies at the age of 76 on April 5

The 918 Spyder high-performance sports car sets a historic lap record of six minutes and 57 seconds on Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Macan is the third four-door model to be presented at trade fairs in Los Angeles and Tokyo

The Mission E concept study marks Porsche’s entry into electric mobility. Oliver Blume is appointed the new Chairman of the Porsche AG Executive Board in October

The one millionth Porsche 911 rolls off the production line. Porsche secures the triple in the FIA Endurance Championship for the third year in a row: Le Mans overall win, World Constructor and Driver Championship

The Taycan, the first all-electric Porsche, is unveiled globally on September 4

With its LMDh project, Porsche confirms its return to the top league of endurance sports

Porsche AG heralds a new era with its successful IPO on September 29


Porsche Calendarium 1931–2018. Third revised and expanded edition; Munich: Piper Verlag 2018

Thomas Ammann
Thomas Ammann
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