Jerry Seinfeld

The comedian and author Jerry Seinfeld is an unabashed fan of sports cars and owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Porsches. This interview reveals his famous sense of humor.

1. What is love?
All you need.

2. How are you?
Good. And you?

3. How would you describe the Porsche 911 in a nutshell?
A true sports car. Intelligent, complete engineering, and brilliant design language.

4. Which very simple things can make you very happy?
Shifting gear. Using a turn signal. Closing a trunk lid.

5. What would you never do in a 911?
Eat food.

6. What’s your favorite road?
Encinal Canyon Road in Malibu, California.

7. What can distract you?
My kids. Or something falling off a truck.

8. Three things you would take to a deserted island?
A 356 Speedster, a 964 Carrera RS, and a 918 Spyder.

9. Whom or what do you admire?

10. What on a 911 could you do without?
Most of the time, air conditioning.

11. And what couldn’t you?
Great steering.

12. What music did you wake up to this morning?
The Beatles.

13. Your favorite film?
The Graduate by Mike Nichols, because it’s mostly about cars and girls.

14. Your favorite book?
Harpo Speaks! by Harpo Marx.

15. Your latest social media post?
I’ll pass.

16. Your most treasured possession?
The 1970 Targa Florio-winning Porsche 908/03 chassis number 008.

17. Coffee or tea?

18. The 911 moment of your life?
January 20, 1988. Bought my first one, a black Carrera. Still love it.

19. Your best advice?
Pay attention.

20. What would no one expect of you?
Who cares what other people expect?

Jerry Seinfeld

Born: 1954
Residence: New York City, USA
Profession: Comedian
Porsche: A large number of 911s

Andrew Hetherington
Andrew Hetherington