Leap of Thought

What will mobility look like in seventy years’ time? Questions to the future.

Will a global high-speed hyperloop transit tube system replace air travel?

Will vehicle taxes be based on the weight of our vehicles?

Will mobility still mean freedom?

Will flying carpets finally move from the pages of Arabian Nights into reality?

Is swarm mobility better than individual mobility?

Will going by foot be the new way to unplug?

How will our cities change when we have more carless drivers than driverless cars?

Will the profession of race-car driver survive in the age of artificial intelligence?

If humans are becoming more like machines and machines more like humans, whose thoughts will control the sports car of the future?

Do good ideas live forever?

Will the term “traffic jam” still be part of our vocabulary?

Will the term “sports car” have the same meaning as it does today?

What will people think about when they no longer have to think about how to get where they’re going?

Will solar streets be free of potholes?

Will the batteries in our electric cars supply our homes with power?

Will beaming—transporting material over time and space—still be science fiction in seventy years’ time?

Will airships be the new long-haul buses?

Will the wheel still be the foundation of mobility?

Will a 3-D printer be able to create a custom sports car?